Catching up in Destiny 2

The last time I played Destiny 2 would be sometime during the Forsaken expansion. As I write this now though, the Destiny 2: Legendary Edition, which includes the Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions is on sale at Humble for less than picking up even just Beyond Light on its own would be on Steam directly at the moment.

It’s only on sale for another day and 14 hours as I write this, so if catching up is of interest to you… I hope you saw this in time and jumped on it quickly! This is part of Humble’s summer sale, so you might find something else of interest there too.

As my time away from the game might suggest, Destiny 2 isn’t a game I’ve really been heavily invested in. Even so, it’s one I’ve semi-followed from the sidelines and been interested in the stories being told. I don’t like everything I hear about the somewhat aggressive monetisation strategy the game appears to have taken but counterbalancing that somewhat I’ve also heard that the last season was actually pretty dang good.

So with the next expansion reveal, it seemed like a good time to consider getting back in. Then I looked at the asking prices for the expansions I’m missing on Steam and noped right out of that idea again… And then I spotted this!

Who knows whether I’ll do much with this flight of fancy, I’ve still been enjoying ESO after all, and logically I know the longer I wait the higher the chance there is of cheaper options to get back into Destiny 2 arising or even another expansion becoming part of the free offering but it’s always nice to have options so I’m going to grab this one now. :)


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