Before the Beyond update, the last time I played No Man’s Sky was at launch. Back then finding a spaceship wreck on another planet was a fairly common occurrence. But also an experience lacking any kind of excitement. They were always the same ship — a carbon copy of the one you started with. In fact, the whole space around them screamed that you’d simply found another potential starting point for another player.

So I hadn’t really noticed their lack this time around. Until I found one.

I’ve managed to get this thing off the ground and flight worthy. Just. There is still a load of damage to repair, though.

Off the bat, I could tell it wasn’t the same design as the starter ship. It looked about as close to an X-Wing design as the lawyers of Hello Games were willing to let them go.

Intrigued, I jumped into the cockpit to see the damage. From outside it was visibly sparking, with parts of the fuselage torn.

It’s a rainbow! I didn’t even know they’d added these as a possibility!

I was greeted by a series of alerts and warnings from the ship’s auto-diagnostic scan. Shields were inoperable. Launch drive busted. Pulse drive out of action. Photon cannons kaput. Hyperdrive broken. Through all this I almost entirely missed that underneath all the muck and destruction, was an A-Class ship, compared to my C-Class. Also? It had an S-Class (Legendary, basically) ranked Launch System Refueller mod. A mod that would slowly recharge the launch drive when the ship was inert. (Or perhaps at S-Rank, not so slowly.)

The Refueller sealed the deal. You see, without one of these, it’s a constant battle to keep the fuel-hungry launch drive ready to go and able to answer your beck and call should you so wish it. I had to make this thing mine. It was time to setup a base on this planet and fix it up.

Repair of the basic systems was not too difficult. Placing down a portable refinery, I was able to synthesise the more basic compounds on the spot.

The more advanced materials I still can’t manufacture on my own. But with the basics I could at least get into the air with it and navigate to the in-system space station. There I could purchase the necessary microchip components and nanoweave-type materials to bring the remaining systems online.

All systems but one.

The Launch Thruster Refueller required technology not available in this system. Namely, a Carbon Mirror. I’ve seen them on offer before but I had no requirement for one previously. And they were expensive. That plus 3 additional Antimatter will do the trick. That I can make on my own steam next time I jump in to play.

After this? Well, the work still isn’t done. A lot of the storage space is also wrecked. A mix of containment leaks from elsewhere in the ship to sections torn to shreds like I mentioned before. On top of this, all the additional technology spots are in need of expensive repairs.

It’s entirely possible I’ll take this ship to market and check on its resale value against another functional ship with the modification I want. But who knows… Everyone needs a project. :)


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Tessa ~ Narratess · August 19, 2019 at 6:56 pm

It’s almost like repairing a vintage car 😄

    Naithin · August 19, 2019 at 8:11 pm


    Pretty much how I’m thinking about it too. :D

      Isey · August 20, 2019 at 10:57 am

      Is the game single player? I have no clue how it ended up.

        Naithin · August 20, 2019 at 11:26 am

        Across all platforms you can have a party of up to 4 players, but it isn’t necessary to be in a party to run into other players or see their impact on the world. It’s kind of always-online in that respect, but I don’t know if that is strictly required. (I feel it might be, but I can test it later if this is of interest.)

        Had quite a cool experience where my friend and I started playing in a particular session at different times, and we didn’t explicitly join each others party but could see each other in system and since we had a base as a common point to gather, there if we both went. i.e., the type of multiplayer promised at launch. ;)

        In the newly added Nexus, you can have up to 32 players on PC and a lesser number on the consoles. I think it might be as low as 8 on console, but don’t quote me on that.

        From the nexus, you can take on multiplayer / community missions or visit other peoples bases.

        Having said all that, even if it is fully ‘always online’ I would expect that if you wanted to play it completely lonewolf you could. Running into someone out there in the immense universe without aiming for it would be a longshot indeed.

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