Or at least, this one was. It’s possible if you’ve been following No Man’s Sky a little more closely then you might’ve had some inkling. So far as I’m concerned though — this is yet another patch that has come out of the blue for this game!

Normally, this would be a very welcome thing. I’ve written in the past just how much I appreciate Hello Games’ efforts at continuing to move their game forward despite the incredibly rocky launch. My thinking on that entire saga essentially being summed up to one where I can forgive, but not forget. The Internet Historian has a rather fantastic overview of the situation if you’re not up to speed. Just… For your own sanity, I wouldn’t recommend carrying on past the end of the documentary. All I’ll say is I don’t think YouTube would be comfortable monetising this video. ;)

Anyway! Like I was saying, normally I would be happy for this.

Between new releases and significant updates to other titles, I’ve already been meaning to try, the tower of priorities is starting to wobble precariously.

At first glance, I thought I was going to be able to ignore this one. It looked like quite a minor update that I could check out when the next ‘big’ patch came out. (And those ones are normally pretty well publicised in advance.)

The article I read from my Google News Feed talked about the fact No Man’s Sky had added new mission types and achievements, which, don’t get me wrong – is cool and all. But not enough to add this to the stack of things I would quite like to play right now.

It completely buried the lead — much like I have here, come to think of it — that No Man’s Sky has added seasons. And in these seasons all players start out in the same location with a set of milestones which will see the season players migrating out for their grand journey.

Seasons will come in varying lengths and complexity apparently, with seasonal awards to go along with them.

But the awards are somewhat secondary — the community aspect of starting out in the same place sounds like it could be incredibly fun. And this is the first one ever for No Man’s Sky. How can I later say, ‘I was there!’ if I wasn’t there?

Such things are important.

Also, in typical No Man’s Sky patch style the titular feature(s) are just the start. There is a lot, lot more.

Or in shorter trailer form, here you go:

Although I do think this particular trailer isn’t their strongest work. I’d still recommend checking out the full patch page.


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Asmiroth · April 2, 2021 at 11:40 am

While we may point to FF14 as the great return from the dead, it is mind boggling what No Man’s Sky is today compared to launch…. I ll have to give this another run. Once i finish the pile before it!

    Naithin · April 3, 2021 at 2:11 am

    Agree! It is almost unrecognisable from the version that launched. From what I can tell, they are counting this still as one of the smaller updates.

    So very curious what the next big one might be!

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