Before I get started, let me say up front: I’m not going to spoil anything. It was a bit of a question I had coming into this post though. I’d love to talk specifics, and Heavensward came out six years ago. In normal circumstances, I would absolutely consider that to be into the spoilers-are-OK territory. But with how many others are coming through, like myself, new to it all right now… and how much I appreciated not having anything spoiled… Well, no spoilers it is!

I think I’m just about done, though. With the original 3.0 Heavensward content, at least. I now have the achievement telling me I’ve unlocked flight in every Heavensward area and have unlocked a dungeon in the final zone that required me to up my item level game to 142 on average.

I was a wee bit behind, at about 126 or so when I hit this requirement. I had thought, incorrectly, I needed to finish the Heavensward MSQ before I was allowed to purchase the Allagan Poetics gear.


You can get it as soon as you’re level 60 and by this point, I was 63. To say the Augmented Shire gear is an upgrade is… well; it’s quite the understatement. Augmented Shire gear is item level 270.

I wasn’t able to afford it all. I bought my weapon and legs to start with, then after completing my daily roulettes, was able to add boots, gloves and helm. I still need to get chest, belt and accessories — but already my health has almost doubled. I’m sort of looking forward to running a dungeon and having more health than the tank. xD

My initial two Augmented Shire pieces were enough to get me well and truly over the 142 ilvl requirement but I think it’s here I’m going to take a little detour. A bit of a breather, to soak in what has happened in the story so far. Because… There has been a lot. And while I do that — I’ll continue doing my daily roulettes and other Allagan Poetic earning activities, to fill out the rest of the set.

What I think I can say without spoiling anything, is that the story building set up in the post-ARR patch content is really made to pay off.

Certain mistakes (in my opinion) made in the telling of the pre-Heavensward story are not repeated here. Every character is given time to breathe and develop. And develop well.

It gets difficult to say too much more without entering spoiler territory. But I do believe that this character development and how well it is executed is the reason so many sing the praises of Heavenwards’ story.

I set it as my goal for the month to finish Heavenwards’ MSQ but it looks like, even with this temporary detour to gear up, I’ll be there much sooner than I anticipated. So I’m going to make it my goal to finish the post-Heavensward/pre-Stormblood content as well. Initially, that was the stretch goal, but it doesn’t seem like such a stretch anymore!

Not to mention, I’m hoping to actually be ready to start Endwalker alongside everyone else when it comes out. Given it comes out in late November, I think that’s achievable! (Famous last words though, perhaps.)

One of the dungeons in my daily roulette set today. I still remember the Demon Wall being a somewhat terrifying boss in Final Fantasy VII!

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Spot of Mummery · August 3, 2021 at 3:11 am

Yep, Heavensward is where the story starts to find its stride. Glad you’re enjoying the journey! :)

    Naithin · August 3, 2021 at 11:39 am

    I would say even a bit before, but they clearly had HW in mind when writing that stuff. Although I’m glad they did as some of the character building starts all the way back then and it leads to fantastic payoff here at the other end of HW. :)

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