Battling Leviathan

Battling Leviathan

Yep. An honest to God post about a game. I feel like it’s been a while! So I jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV last night, cracked my knuckles, and prepared to continue playing Courier Conversation Quest. (Yeah, I’m still working my way through the 2.x post-ARR content).

I must have stopped at a reasonable point last time around though. Because while there was certainly a fair share of this and running back and forth between the same areas, I actually got to fight some things. Sahagin mostly.

Sahagin? They’re basically Naga. They’re the dead things on the ground in this shot.

The storyline goes to lengths to remind you though, that you’re not necessarily defending the good guys in this battle. There is a lengthy discussion on the morality of the Limsa Lomasin admiralty in their having broken the truce first.

The Sahagin are in the process of summoning Leviathan in the hopes that their spawning grounds can be saved from the continuing encroachment of nearby settlements. The tensions had been building here for a while before it turned to out and out open hostilities again.

For all that, there are still civilians to consider who are not necessarily responsible for how things have unfolded. So you go in and save the day. Become the hero in one story, and undoubtedly a parent-slaying, land invading villain in another.


This all culminates in a raid / trial. Visually it’s a pretty good encounter. It has some mechanics, but I couldn’t really tell you what any of them do. The difficulty was tuned somewhere on a par — possibly even a bit under — the difficulty of a WoW LFR run, so they didn’t much matter. But given the necessity to PUG it to get through the storyline, I was more than OK with this.

There was a bit where Leviathan smashes down on one end of the platform you’re on at sea, sending all players hurtling down that way. Prior raid training suggests that whenever you’re forced to a certain place you should make every effort to vacate said place ASAP. So I did, and it looked like at least some of the others in the party did too. I couldn’t really say if anything bad happened to those who kept fighting from the spot they’d been unceremoniously dumped onto though.

Leviathan defeated once more in this cycle.

And so wraps up the end of the Patch 2.2 content. Just.. 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.55 to go.

If you hear any sobbing from out back, just ignore it — it’s nothing.

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9 thoughts on “Battling Leviathan”

  1. I don’t remember if in the Hard mode of the Leviathan fight anything bad happens if you are hurtled down but in the Extreme version it does matter a lot.

    Then again people only do the Extreme version nowadays to try to get a special mount from the fight and usually with friends. So even then it isn’t a big deal if you mess up the mechanics.

    • So you’re meant to avoid being thrown down the other side full stop? How do you do that? Is it a matter of positioning yourself near that centre thing so that you’re stopped on that instead?

      • Yes. In the Extreme version the rails get destroyed in the middle of the fight so if you don’t stop you end up thrown at the sea and die.

        There was a way to see which side he would appear and throw people off though. I think it was by the water spray. Then you need to go as far as possible to the side opposite to it. There are also some role skills that will ignore push-back abilities from enemies that you could use but you have to be fast to use them.

        The thing in the middle is a different mechanic. I don’t remember exactly when you need to use it (sorry, been too long since I did the fight) but it is basically a force field. When it is time to use it people need to get inside the force field to avoid a massive AOE from Leviathan.

        • Oh, yeah, I know you want to finally get done with the horrible one hundred but if I may suggest something…

          I don’t know if you did the Crystal Tower raids yet or not. If not then I suggest doing it as it will pay off…. a lot later on. Those raids are stupidly easy and fast nowadays. Even a scrub like me was able to do them.

          There isn’t much of a rush to do it in the part of the story you are right now either. So if you feel like doing it at some point down the road too, that is fine too. Just thought I should mention it. :)

          • Thanks Rakuno. =)

            From how you’re talking about this, I assume I should refrain from looking up WHY you recommend doing this? =D

            I think I hit part way through unlocking this… Maybe? I was doing the quest chain for the super rare elemental dusts.

            If that is the right chain to she to the raid, probably not too much more to do before I can.

    • Thanks!

      And I know. I will. Eventually. I’ve actually had very little gaming time overall this month with all the extra time spent on writing!

      The end of month journal will be interesting to see just how severe a dip that was actually, compared to the baseline established so far.

  2. Since I can’t reply to your last reply, Naithin, here is a new comment!

    Yes, do not google why I am recommending it as it would spoil things! All I will say is the Crystal Tower will be important later on. Much later on.

    I am not sure if by rare elemental dusts you mean flawless elemental crystals? If so, than yes, that is the quest. The first quest is called the “Legacy of Allag” and is the one that takes the longest. The rest of the questline only involves a lot of cutscenes as it is just to unlock a new raid and explain what the hell is going on.

    But again there is no rush to doing it. I just thought I should recommend it since these raids are ARR content and you are still close to the intended level.

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