Reinvesting in Dragon Age: Inquisition

‘Reinvesting’ sounds a whole lot better than simply, ‘bought a second copy even though I own and retain access to a perfectly serviceable copy already’. … So I went with that.

There was some logic to it though. You see I already own Dragon Age: Inquisition on Origin. Bought it when it very first came out. Albeit unfortunately DA:I was the first DA title to be taken from Steam and put exclusively onto their own platform. Still- it didn’t deter me.

I even bought the deluxe digital edition. But while that came with some cosmetics and bonus starting armor, the soundtrack, and those sorts of things it did not come with the story DLC. Preselling Season Passes either wasn’t a thing back then or at the least wasn’t very widespread. So now that I’ve made a return to the game the fact that I find myself without the story DLC is something of a problem.

Especially when, particularly the last DLC — Trespasser — seems to have been very well received and apparently sets up the events for the coming Dragon Age 4.

I did look at Origin first to see what the DLC bundle would cost me. $39.95 NZD was the answer to that question. Then I popped over to Steam and had a look at Dragon Age: Inquisition there. Since EA has made up and decided to play nice with Valve again, some games once sold on Steam and others that have never before been sold on Steam are now available. DA:I being one such.

The complete, all-in-one edition, was $49.95 NZD. $10 more.

So the question became: Am I willing to spend $10 extra for the convenience of bringing my Dragon Age collection back together onto a single platform?

I was greeted with the achievement spam before I even so much as loaded my save game. It was the first clue I had that perhaps the savegames had transferred after all.

Yes, as it turns out.

I was even prepared to start my game from scratch if I had to. I wasn’t 100% sure the saves from the native Origin version would carry through. I thought they probably would since the Steam edition of these games still ultimately launch through Origin. But I couldn’t be entirely sure.

In some respects though, I almost wouldn’t have minded being pushed into restarting. I’m not going to voluntarily toss my old progress away… But I can still see it wouldn’t have been the worst thing.

The odd system I encounter ingame (e.g., the war table missions that have timers of some sort on them) is still a mystery at the moment.

I’ll muddle through though. Tonight was a raid-night in WoW, so I haven’t jumped back in yet. And as indicated over there on the right-panel (at the time of writing this) I’m also interested in revisiting more of Black Desert Online. Finding a balance of these games on top of WoW is certainly going to be interesting!


Gamer, reader, writer, husband and father of two boys. Former WoW and Gaming blogger, making a return to the fold to share my love of all things looty.

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