The population of Anddul sort of… exploded… during the last part. Don’t get me wrong — Anddul is still on the distinctly tiny side at only ~1,600 residents. But I had intended to take these posts one milestone at a time. So for Part 2, I really should’ve put a cap on things at 800 residents.

So in response, I set myself just two goals for this time around.

  • With the population now being ready for one *cough* place the town’s first High School.
  • Finally get around to actually placing at least a few of us into the city. No districts yet, but residences, shops, service buildings — all fair game for this first phase! Oh, and road names too.
This is where Anddul is starting part 3 from. It probably won’t be terribly different by the end given the focus!

Providing Higher Education

Primary education is great and all — but with the provision of all the fancy services like… Police… and Emergency Care… People are beginning to enhance their places of business to provide more sophisticated services. Services that require well educated citizens and aren’t going to fail at cheeseburger math each and every blasted time!1

So that’s where High Schools come in!

Time to place the first.


I built an extension to the road network — creating a loop between the two major neighbourhoods. The bridge over the central road leading back to the highway is wide enough to accommodate the road below being upgraded to a wider grade plus having a rail line running alongside it.

In terms of the high school itself, I did a little decorating, too. It’s hard to tell from this high angle shot, but there is a basketball court adjacent to the school itself, plus a small pathed area with outdoor seating and a gazebo.

A closer look

I also ran a path connecting the local neighbourhood, running along the back of the basketball court and high school, linking back to the school’s road access.

This one little stretch of path should prevent a lot of road traffic, with many students being able to walk instead of being driven. :)

In the next milestone Busses also unlock, and they’ll help too.

Naming Names

This is the area I focused on. The founding district of the town. I put a great many of us here, both residences and places of business. Although some people did end up with a service building or piece of the industrial area. :)

The problem now is that there isn’t really fun way of showing it all! Districts are easy. District labels show up big and bold in the screenshots. Roads require you to get a little closer. Building names though require an actual click and a view of the info panel.


You can click pretty much anything for an info panel.

So what I ended up deciding is that it could be fun to show just a few of them at a time from cars or pedestrians. See where they’re coming from, where they’re going and who they work for.

There’s way too many to show all at once, but here’s a sampling and I can weave more into future posts as we go. :)

I think that’ll do for now. I’ll keep showing a few of these at a time as we go — I think it’ll take a while to show them all. That founding district is packed to the gills with us bloggers already!

Next Time

Cor, so much! I don’t know if I’ll get to all of this next time around but I’d like to get some park’s positioned to make people a little happier and further encourage upgrades. I don’t think I have access to Park Districts yet — but if I do, painting out a big ol’ central park might be on the cards.

I also want to zone out enough additional space for new residences to unlock public transport (well, entry level — busses at least), and this might push me over to park districts, too.

Getting the additional residences in place to hit that milestone will probably require growing out the industrial zoning too. And so goes the cycle. :)

In any case, here’s where we ended up things for today (compared to the starting image) — slightly more of a visual change than I thought there might be! But still not as much as I expect we’ll see next time.


  1. I swear McDonald’s considers anyone able to correctly work out how many cheeseburgers to bag in an order as overqualified.


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Gray's Otome · July 9, 2020 at 5:12 am

“Services that require well educated citizens and aren’t going to fail at cheeseburger math each and every blasted time!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, I used to work at McDonald’s and one of my coworkers who got boosted to Lead would constantly not count and make sure all the burgers and chicken sandwiches were in the bag. The customers would come back to my window and blame me, when I was just prepping the bag, but he was the one who needed to count and complete the order. Oh, it was frustrating, because I asked him before if he even counts to burgers, his response:

Him: “I just grab what’s handed out and bag it.”

Me: “Wait, so you mean to tell me you don’t even read the order?”

Him: “No, I didn’t think we needed to do that.”

    Naithin · July 9, 2020 at 9:08 am


    I wish that story surprised me more. It also seems that the more ‘complex’ the order is (and I use the word in the loosest possible way) the higher the likelihood of it being wrong is.

    i.e., put together an order that involves a happymeal, a normal combo, a 2x cheese combo, and some individual cheeseburgers and the chance of this being given to you correctly falls to essentially 0%. :P

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