This series of posts is aimed mostly at those dipping their feet into the waters of Anthem for the first time. If that’s you – welcome! If that’s not you… well, also welcome! But more in-depth content to come once we get our hands on the game. :)

Bioware's Anthem: Line up of the four classes, left-to-right, Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. The Storm is in colour as the focus of the image, with the other three in greyscale.

Elemental power–that’s the name of the Storm’s game. Harness the power of Lightning, Fire and Ice when you jump in. The Storm is Anthem’s answer to the glass-cannon mage archetype. Plenty of damage, very little armor health.

This lack is made up for through an increased ability to stay aloft above the battle hovering compared to the other Javelin suits. And while hovering, you have a buffed energy shield.

Being up high isn’t all sunshine and roses though–when your awe-inspiring elemental damage draws ire from the enemies below, you have very little in the way of cover options. Fortunately, the Storm’s aerial dodge move takes the form of a short range teleport allowing you to blink out of harms way.

Detonating a combo as the Storm will chain the effect applied by the primer to nearby enemies. e.g., Managed to freeze an enemy? Detonate to freeze all its buddies too.

The Skills

Blast Seals: Go for AoE with Lightning Strike, Ice Storm or Flame Burst depending on your mood to fry, freeze or flame your enemies. Or get in a little closer with the seeking projectiles of Rime Blast or Living Flame.

Focus Seals: In the ice department, choose from Hoarfrost Shards–a rapid firing status builder, eventually freezing targets to the spot–or Glacial Beam to fire a concentrated beam of cold. Fire comes with the classic Fireball–charge it up to make it explode or fire it rapidly as you see fit. Lightning? Arc Burst gives you an up-close-and-personal option, acting similar to a chain-lightning spell, but emanating from yourself to nearby enemies. Otherwise, you can take Arc Burst, a ball of lightning capable of bouncing off walls to get your enemies even from behind cover.

Support Seals: Stop enemy projectiles cold with the Wind Wall, giving yourself or your team a small reprieve from incoming damage or instead take out your Nexus ability and provide a buff to skill recharge times for any allies in the field.

Ultimate–Elemental Storm: Open a channel to the raw power of the Anthem for a short time to call down three separate strikes of elemental fury. Target domes of frost, electricity and fire individually while the window is open to deal damage and then if you get off all three, watch as elemental meteors fall on your chosen locations and anything unlucky enough to still be there at the time.


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