This series of posts is aimed mostly at those dipping their feet into the waters of Anthem for the first time. If that’s you – welcome! If that’s not you… well, also welcome! But more in-depth content to come once we get our hands on the game. :)

Bioware's Anthem: Line up of the four classes, left-to-right, Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. The Colossus is in colour as the focus of the image, with the other three in greyscale.

Big, bulky, extremely tough despite the total lack of an energy shield which all the other javelin’s enjoy. Making up for this lack the Colossus packs an actual physical shield which they can use to deflect damage and more enjoyably shield charge and slam the puny enemies out of the way… even while flying.

The Colossus can play the tank for your team with an actual taunt ability. But it’s no slouch in the damage department either, being the only javelin capable of equipping the heaviest of weapons–the likes of the grenade launcher or heavy machine gun.

Detonating a combo as the Colossus will set off an AoE blast, perfect for clearing out swarms of lesser enemies.

The Skills

Ordnance Launcher Gear: Shoulder mounted weapon abilities, offering options for close range (Lightning Coil, Shock Coil), long range (Mortar, Burst Mortar) or even a little bit of control in the form of the Firewall Mortar which will deny an area of ground to the enemy.

Heavy Assault Launcher Gear: Like the Ranger, the Colossus packs a set of wrist-mounted weaponry options. Just… with a much larger wrist, offering the likes of the long range Heavy Cannon or Railgun. Deal some up close damage with the Flame Thrower or Flak Cannon. Or increase the damage taken on enemies you spray with your Acid Spitter.

Support Gear: Taunt enemies in an area, forcing them to direct their attention at you for the duration of the effect, or use the Deflector Pulse to give all nearby allies a buff to their damage-resistance.

Ultimate–Siege Cannon: Essentially a mini-nuke launcher. You have a limited time to fire off a salvo of three rounds of… well, ultimate destruction.

I can see every team wanting one of these along for the ride. Whether they choose to taunt and get up close and personal, or still keep a bit of range while applying a damage mitigation buff to the team–they’re going to be worth their weight in gold… and that’s a lot of weight! ;)


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