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Journeying Heavensward

Before I get started, let me say up front: I’m not going to spoil anything. It was a bit of a question I had coming into this post though. I’d love to talk specifics, and Heavensward came out six years ago. In normal circumstances, I...

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Quitting WoW (Again)

This will be the second time I’ve written about quitting WoW since writing here at Time to Loot, but only the first time while actually… you know… playing WoW. Although I suppose whether I am in fact playing, or had already quit,...

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WoW 9.1 Dated

Cutting straight to the chase — It’s June 29th, with the raid opening July 6th. So if you’re still interested in WoW’s 9.1 ‘Chains of Dominance’ patch, there you go. Not long to go now. Of course, if you’re...

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E3 2021 So Far

Did you guys know E3 was going on? Because it is. It’s a whole thing! I even put together some E3 predictions as part of a collaborative post over on WCRobinson’s blog. A bunch of us submitted predictions across a spectrum of: An almost...

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Bit of a Building Binge

It happens once in a while that my gaming interests take on a bit of a theme. Not by any sort of conscious decision usually. It happens rather organically. I might on a whim pick something to play, which reminds me of something similar, or triggers...

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Exodus at an End

It’s over. Journey’s end, as a player at least, has been reached. Yep. I’ve finished Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition. And phew, what a ride. Without a doubt, a large contributor to my enjoyment was the sheer wonder at the new tech...

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