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Five Game Challenge Day 7: Looking Forward

When I first imagined this end-of-week series throughout the month, it was more along the thinking of acknowledging the games entering my awareness that were at risk of making me break the challenge. But right now at this admittedly very early juncture that doesn’t seem to actually be a...

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Five Game Challenge Day 4: Hunting Eidolons

I left off Warframe in a weird space. In some ways I was very advanced. I have collected the parts for, built, and leveled a good number of Prime frames. I’ve a large arsenal of weaponry. I even accumulated a significant bank of platinum through trades. But in certain other ways — I...

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Five Game Challenge Day 2: Modding Skyrim

Selecting, downloading and installing mods for a Bethesda game used to be a multi-day process. I remember for Morrowind patches of spending more time in the Mod forums than actually playing the game. And then of course, once you did actually start playing it was a slow dance of trepidation and...

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Day 1: Kicking off the Five Game Challenge

This will likely be a bit of a short post — I’ve only just sat down to the computer at home now, at about 11:10pm. So I have roughly 50 minutes to get this out before I miss my post-every-day target on the very first day. If you missed it so far, the short of it is as a bit of a...

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Five Game Challenge

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