Journeying Heavensward

Before I get started, let me say up front: I’m not going to spoil anything. It was a bit of a question I had coming into this post though. I’d love to talk specifics, and Heavensward came out six years ago. In normal circumstances, I...

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Bouncing and Blogrolls

So here’s a bit of a twofer today. The first will be of great help if you’re already worried about how on earth you might find the subject matter for posts on an ongoing basis. Don’t get me wrong- it isn’t a silver bullet....

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Welcome to Blaugust 2021!

Hi! Hello! Yes, yes- do make yourself comfortable. If this is your first Blaugust or even your first Blog you might be feeling a little lost. Not to worry. Many of us have been where you are now and so have advice to share. Here’s mine: Just...

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Time to Loot Journal: July 2021

This month I restarted my Final Fantasy XIV journey in earnest and discovered just how remarkably close I was to the turning point in the story. If I had just pushed even a little bit harder when I was last playing, I would’ve been through...

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Extracting Value fr- SQUIRREL!

You know what makes it really difficult to really extract value from games? To really get into the meat and potatoes of an offering? I’ll tell you; it’s– SQUIRREL! … By which I mean to say, for those unfamiliar with UP! (for...

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What Will It Take?

That’s the question that’s been on my mind the past few days. Specifically, as it relates to Blizzard, and the lawsuit the State of California has levelled against them upon concluding a two-year investigation into allegations of sexual...

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Games as a Story Media

Despite choosing an image from Final Fantasy XIV as the featured image here… And despite this conversation largely centring around Final Fantasy XIV, I’m going to endeavour to move the conversation to MMORPGs — possibly even games...

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Blaugust 2021 is Coming!

Belghast has now officially announced the plans for Blaugust 2021. I’m excited. Blaugust (or Blapril, last year) is far and away my favourite Blogger event and one that I’d highly encourage everyone to take a look at and consider...

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Humble Choice: July 2021

It’s at times like this when I have to wonder — not for the first time — if I might be something of a sucker. In my last Humble Choice post, which incidentally wasn’t for June, I was close to cancelling. Then, with a growing...

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Time to Loot Journal: June 2021

Half the year is over already. Crazy. Meanwhile, at work we wrap-up one financial year and begin the kick-off activities for the next. Booooriiiiing. (Well no, it isn’t- but probably would be for you.) Around here, for the blog, I made some...

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