Something’s Different Here

Something’s Different Here

The number of the day is 115. In that, this post is the 115th I’ve published here on Time to Loot. This makes it the most posts I’ve published on a single blog to date. Interestingly I thought this made Time to Loot by far my most published-to blog. When I started digging into it for this post, that turned out to be not entirely true.

Even though I was wrong about how close it was between one of my prior blogs and this one — it hasn’t shaken the feeling I have that something is different this time. Different better. That maybe I’ve found my forever-blog this time around.

My Ex-Blogs

  • Tank’n’Tree (Oct 2008 – Nov 2009, Unknown post count — I estimate ~30)
    Still has some content existing in the archive, but you need to scroll down to see any of it.
  • Fun in Games (Jun 2010 – Oct 2011, 97 posts)
  • Modicum of Gaming (May 2012 – Sep 2013, 16 posts)

I wonder if I knew at the time how close to 100 posts I was on Fun in Games. I feel like this is new information to me, but surely I must have?

Reading back over them now, it’s… I don’t even know that I have an adequate word for it. Some posts have stuck with me in memory across the years, others I recall fondly as old friends upon seeing them again. Still others again, it feels like I’m reading for the first time. I possess not even the dimmest memories of writing them.

For the most part — I enjoy my writing style from back then better. I wonder now if I’ll be able to recapture the vibrancy and sense of life found in the older posts.

But whether I can or not, the sense of lasting — of longer life — to this blog isn’t lessened. I’ve felt it for at least the last month or two, but couldn’t quite define what it was.

Until I realised I already had. In finding my ‘why‘ and grounding it on something a little bit less transient than ‘Blogs are cool, ergo I want one’ grants a sense of permanence I’ve never really had with a blog before. It was always top of mind that my interests could waver and change course at any moment.

And heck, who knows, I could be way off and that happens anyway.

No doubt someone will pull this out and show me should it. But I don’t think it will be necessary. By this stage of a blog for me I’ve typically hit my first break of a month or longer. The excitement turned to chore. A post feeling obligatory.

As I write this a little over the halfway mark of Blaugust, having lost the slight scheduled lead I had rolling for a while, I’m tired but no less motivated for that. I made sure to call out — mostly for my own benefit — at the start of August that I’d try to hit a post every day but that I wasn’t really expecting to and I wasn’t going to beat myself up too much if I didn’t.

I said it mostly as a ward against the risk of making posting here feel like a chore, like I’ve encountered in the past. But tired though I am — I’m in this. :D

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2 thoughts on “Something’s Different Here”

  1. Keep it up!

    Looking back over old blog posts is fascinating, I find. Like you, some I can remember clearly but some of them I have no memory of at all. What’s more, some seem as if they’ve been written by someone else entirely. The best part, though, is having a record of not just what I was doing years ago but what I was thinking about when I was doing it.

    As for the writing style, without any doubt at all my best-written posts in terms of style are all ones I did before I stopped drinking. I used to have a couple of glasses of red wine while I wrote, when I posted in the evening, and it makes an enormous difference. More than a couple and things can go awry but just that small lubrication of the synapses really tells. It’s no co-incidence that so many writers drink.

    These days I can do some very detailed, journalistic posts that I might not have done a few years ago but I’ve lost some of the sprightliness and sparkle.

    • Hah. Maybe a wine or two is just what the Dr ordered then.

      Although I can’t actually claim that cause for the style difference between now and then. I’ve never been much of a drinker of any kind.

      I suspect it was more to do with just how terribly rusty I was coming back to writing for this blog, that AND the starting expectation that I was going to be doing ‘useful’ content, that I sort of fell into this style.

      It seems now that to bring it back would be quite the about face. We’ll see. I think I captured parts of it in my earlier ESO story telling. Mayhaps I’ll just have to bring that back as a transition of sorts. :)

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