Beginning of last month, I went on a hunt. A hunt for art. More specifically, someone with much greater skill than I to create some for me. Thanks to seeing the work done for Belghast over on Tales of the Aggronaut I had a pretty good idea who I should talk to. :)

It was Alli! I was very lucky in having her accept the commission, I feel. You can see more of her talent on display here. Alli has been an absolute pleasure to work with through the design process, and I have been hard pressed not to talk too much about it all until now!

So far Alli has completed the fantastic portrait you see to the right, and a far more awesome site logo/favicon than I ever could’ve done over on the left.

This isn’t it though! Nope. More to come, and soon most likely. Buuuut I think I’ll hold off on talking about them just yet. Sorry! For now, I’ve updated my social media (read: Twitter), Gravatar, Steam and Discord profiles to the new portrait, and the favicon here to the new logo.

Thank-you so much Alli for all your hard work on this so far, can’t wait to see the rest in final form and show those off, too! :D