Phewph, what a busy time of year. Work is busy. Home is busy. Gaming time is busy. Lots going on all around, basically. So this post is a little late. If you have me on Twitter, this may not be news for you.

But the wonderful Alli has finished another round of commissions for me. :D

These were pieces I’d alluded to in the last reveal post for the most part, as things I was already thinking about wanting done. :)


The Druid

Replete with background, this time. :D

Over my years of MMORPG play, I’ve always exclusively mained either a tank or a healer.

In the last round, Alli took care of the Warrior tank profile image for me.

This time around, she tackled a druid healer for me. Healing — and particularly druid healing — has been my main of choice for quite some time now.

Given that, I wanted this one to really be something extra. Spell effects, background, the whole 9-yards. And oh man did Alli do well on this one! I think it’s awesome, and it has already become my Twitter profile pic. I’ll very likely start switching it around in other places soon, too. :D

The Ranger (with Bow)

Based on the existing ranger artwork.

This one was a smaller piece of work — a variation of the staff ranger Alli already did for me.

The staff ranger is one of my oldest DnD concepts, and one I still revisit with fair regularity.

Still, I love bow characters too. If I’m creating an alt or coming into an MMO group where tank and heals are covered already — then a hunter or similar is one of my most likely go to.

At the time Alli did the original staff Ranger for me, I was playing a Bard in Final Fantasy XIV even. The idea being that it would be much faster to level through the content with a DPS-ish class, but Bard can still offer a good degree of support.

Plus… Bow.

So here we are!

Twitter Banner

And with those all done, there was enough to kickstart a Twitter banner. Suffice to say, it’s a wee bit of an upgrade over the flat orange colour I had going on. :)

Twitter’s insistence of downgrading image quality for uploaded banners is a tad frustrating, so glad to include it here to show a look at the actual quality of the image. :)

Thanks once more, Alli — I don’t have anything immediately in mind for another round of artwork at this stage… But I’m sure something will come to me. :)

If you’d like to check out more of Alli’s work, you can do that too — here!


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Tessa ~ Narratess · December 14, 2019 at 9:41 pm

Looks awesome! She did a great job 😁

    Naithin · December 15, 2019 at 8:01 am

    Yes, I love this set so very much. :)

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