There is a lot coming out over the next little while that I’m quite interested to play. Normally, I’d just take things as they come. Really ‘seat-of-my-pants’ it. I still might. But I can feel the end of my tether fast approaching with the launch content of Anthem, so want to put down something of a plan. Well, less a plan, more a sketch of a plan. Rough though, very rough.

I’m currently sitting at 75-hours played and still enjoy the core gameplay experience. Enough so that I’m quite likely to finish the post-story Trial of Valour. There’s also a bit still to unpack in the Anthem Roadmap which will help going forward.

This wasn’t unexpected, after my second weekend with the demo I revised my expectations.

…if at launch, I can get somewhere in the region of 50-80 hours of it, accounting for going through the story, finishing up with the reputations and challenges I care about, perhaps getting into a decent set of Masterwork gear (with some legendaries scattered in) to such a point I can get into and do the Grandmaster difficulties? Then I’ll be happy that it was money well spent.

Naithin (2019), Anthem Impressions – Two Demo Weekends In

I am exactly there, and will end up with more hours than anticipated. Bonus. But this post isn’t meant to be about Anthem, it’s the ‘What’s Next’ post!

What’s Next?

The Division 2 — March 15th 2019

I have no plans to spend any time with the upcoming open-beta. I got my fill of the demo content during the private beta when that was on, in which I played a good amount of the early game PvE, the Dark Zone and the endgame PvE.

I won’t be taking any time off work for The Division 2 as I did with Anthem, so there will be a better pacing to the content it has to offer, I think. How I’ll split the time between Anthem’s content drops and this, I don’t quite yet know. It seems likely that this will be my primary game from March 15th for a while though.

Outward — March 26th 2019

Outward has somehow flown under my radar until very recently. It looked great even back in a 2016 PAX West trailer too. Now that I have seen it, I want it yesterday. Today would be next best.

If it has also passed you by until now — the concept puts you in the shoes of a nobody in an otherwise high-fantasy world. Your victories will be small in scale, but no less meaningful for it to start. Getting a backpack is a milestone to remember.

It will have survival elements, which is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. I won’t deny they certainly can be a nuisance if the frequency of needing to eat, drink, etc is too high.

The detail going into it have me incredibly interested. Oh, also? It features co-operative play, even local split-screen co-op. :o

I’ll be taking a look!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Expansion — June 4th 2019

You might remember in an effort to fill a gaming-gap, I started an adventure back into The Elder Scrolls Online.

I was really enjoying my adventures there and I still have… many hours ahead of me to finish the story content already available. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the original main story quest, and estimates for Morrowind and Summerset expansions put them in around 30-hours each to get through.1

There’s almost no way I’ll be ready for Elsweyr’s story at release. Not if I want to do things in order at least, which I do. ESO does scale all content to whatever you are if you’re personally more keen to just jump straight into what’s new.

That’s probably OK though, as ESO is going down a path similar to Guild Wars 2’s ‘Living World’ episodic structure, with a full year of content planned around the return of the Dragons to the world. The longer I wait, the more of this there will be. ;)

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Expansion — July 2nd 2019

Being honest, there is a huge element of FOMO2 going on with me and this title at the moment.

I’ve played the title before and never made it to end game. I was disheartened by frequent reports of end game raids being essentially unplayable from the Oceania region. Using the datacentres in Japan helped, but apparently still wouldn’t be enough for top-tier raids.

For the type of player I am3 this told me not to bother. I really don’t know how to play an MMO casually. Or more to the point, how to enjoy doing so.

If I make a return to FFXIV, it might be with a new perspective — less focusing on it as an MMO and more playing it for the story and the journey. Something I’ve done in my approach to ESO so far, and you know- I think it’s working.

Also? Gunblades. Yiss!


  1. This doesn’t even count however many hours there are in the various DLC releases, either!
  2. Fear of missing out
  3. Was? Am? Hm. Post on this later, perhaps.


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Isey · February 25, 2019 at 11:54 pm

I was away so very far behind you in Anthem – I likely have a few weeks there still to hit that 80 hour mark (with work and life in the way).

I have some Division 2 interest but not out of the gate, and Outward looks interesting (and very indie-ish).

No interest in ES or FF as neither of those games held my interest.

    Naithin · February 26, 2019 at 12:30 am

    I saw you jump on last night / this morning as I was heading off actually, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your time without electronics! :)

    Division 2 is an interesting case for me. If I was looking at it as a lone-wolf, even with this blog, I’d prooobably not bother at all. But since my core group of RL gamer friends are so hot on it, it pushes it from there up to a day-1 purchase.

    Right or wrong, Anthem struck me as the much more pug-friendly game, and thus far that has proven true (at least comparing Div 1 to Anthem, even though Div 1 also had OK matchmaking).

    re: ES and FF — I’ve bounced off both of them in the past. But that was with a lens of the MSQ being something to be beaten ASAP so I could get to the endgame content. I *really* struggle to play MMOs ‘casually’, especially MMOs. So if friends drop out or of the endgame appears to be unrealistically achievable (as seemed to be the case with FF due to the ping issues at the time) — then my interest evaporates faster than dew in a desert.

    ESO is a bit of an experiment in some respects (I mean, I haven’t even looked into what endgame that game even HAS yet). And I feel like I might be returning to it sooner rather than later. ;)

    Naithin · February 26, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Ohh, completely forgot Wayward in that comment, and it’s in some ways my favourite on this list!

    Yes, it has a very indie looking feel to it, I agree. Yet the production values (outside of animations) look really high.

    It’s being published by Deep Silver, but I think Ninedots Studio (the devs making it) are on the smaller side of things.

Telwyn · March 2, 2019 at 10:18 pm

I play Destiny 2 with friends but have not time for more than one coop FPS and I don’t find the genre that interesting anyway, Anthem can wait till it has a year or two of updates before I seriously consider it. Elder Scrolls is on my main rotation of MMOs so I’ll no doubt come back to it later in the year and the hype of this update will probably be a good time to be there. FFXIV is one of those games that I wish I played more but, I can’t make the time for it and damn if the post 2.0 and pre-Heavensward patches aren’t dull as dishwater to wade through. We tried over a free 72 hour period to get them done but only got halfway (something like 45 of the 100 odd quests) and run that intensively it really shows the narrative weaknesses of the game. Which is a major shame as I love the more thoughtful combat style and graphics.

    Naithin · March 2, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    Giving Anthem some time is a good call, I think, at least if you’re already well occupied with other titles. :)

    FFXIV — I broke and jumped back on the bandwagon tonight. Patching as we speak, but I hear you on the ARR MSQ. Aywren confirmed for me on her blog that the original MSQs are not perhaps the most fun MMO content either. She thinks they might be getting a touch-up and streamlining with the coming expansion, which makes some sense to me since they’re putting in a New Game+ mode with that xpac.

    I’m hoping to push through this time, but this will be about the third time I give FFXIV a ‘serious’ go, so we’ll see.

    I am experimenting with what is (for me) a new play style though, less focused on a headlong rush to the endgame, and that may help with this title.

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