Where to even start with this one? I suppose, just in case you’re not already aware, Blaugust 2022 is coming! I’ve participated in Blaugust for the past three years — essentially the lifetime of Time to Loot. It’s an event I love, and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone even remotely considering starting or returning to blogging to jump into it.

Oh- and I guess if you already are blogging, you could join too. ;)

I have to admit, though — this year sees me viewing the event with a slightly different lens from the usual. It has been a tough one. Largely, I’m still on hiatus. While things are certainly somewhat better with my Mother’s situation since that post was made, the fact remains that my siblings and I are there every one night in three (there are three of us) with little indication anything is going to change in the short term. Help does appear to be coming, but in time for August? I’m doubtful.

Sorry. I am veering wildly from the point here. But all of this is simply to say; I don’t have the energy reserves tucked away that I usually would. So I’m still trying to figure out what my own participation even looks like. All I know right now? I don’t plan on skipping out altogether!

Um… But What is a “Blaugust”?

Oh- uh, yeah. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, and what this thing that I’m proposing you jump into even is… That might be something you want to know, I guess.

The most comprehensive answer can be found in Belghast’s post. Bel is the founder and showrunner of this whole shindig. But as a quick taste of the ‘why’ of it all:

The blogging community is nowhere near as large as it once was. Many of us have aged out of blogging with real-world responsibilities and others have just moved on to other time-consuming hobbies. Blaugust gives us a chance to infuse the community with a fresh lease on life as we court new bloggers to join the fray. Those of us who have been carrying the torch of blogging for decades now can sometimes lose hope as our blogroll loses a few voices each year.

Belghast (2022), Introducing Blaugust 2022 (Tales of the Aggronaut)

As for the ‘What’? Well — the short of it is: Get posting! The more the better! Full marks for hitting (on average) a post a day for the entirety of August. There are rewards to be won, too.

  • Newbie Blogger Award – You did it! You joined Blaugust for the very first time and we are extremely happy to welcome you into this raucous community. As a result, we are going to recognize your efforts just for signing up.
  • Bronze Award – You made at least 5 posts during the month of August 2022.
  • Silver Award – You made at least 15 posts during the month of August 2022.
  • Gold Award – You made at least 25 posts during the month of August 2022.
  • Rainbow Diamond Award – You beat the challenge and posted 31 times or more during the month of August 2022.

In years gone by, that’d be about as far as the event goes. This year, Belghast has decided to add a little more flare and add (optional) achievements (Blaugchievements :D) to the mix.

I’ll certainly leave the detail of that to his own post though — so head there to find out what they are, or to just jump straight to signing up. :)

I still don’t know what my participation will look like. But whatever form it takes, I hope it’s alongside you too.

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