What is Blaugust?

Blaugust is the brainchild of Belghast, over at Tales of the Aggronaut — it started life as a challenge to bloggers to go a month posting each and every day for the month of August.

Over time it morphed, and last year settled into an amalgamation of events old and new. There is still the element of aiming for a post a day — but there are tiers of achievement below this too.

This page is all about celebrating and commemorating the Mentors, Participants and Newbies joining the blogging world as part of Blaugust 2019, so I’ve brought every feed (that I can) in below for reference!

As for me? I’m aiming for a post each and every day of August. So far I’m landing it, but it’s early days yet. You can check how I’m doing against this tag.


The best of the bunch in many ways, because Newbies have either started blogging for Blaugust, or have started in the last 6 months.